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Healthy Living: Slipping in

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I know it's late, and I have early class tomorrow. But I have to write this today, because I feel like I feel it is important.

Today, I was talking with one of my good friend about our future. She is thinking of becoming an optometrist. Either way, we talked about whether medicine is a good carrer or not. And she told me she didn't want to live the stressful life and she wants to enjoy life.

And I truely agree with her. Sometime, I even wonder if it is worth the fight. But then again, I realized that there is a trend that I see in my friends. I am privileged to admit that I have some pretty amazing and intelligent friend in college. However, I sometime wonder if whether we are doing the right thing.

For instant, many of my friend do not choose medicine because they feel it will be stressful. They want to pick an easier career to be able to live life.. And it scares me, whether if I'm really doing the right thing.

I hear all the scary story about medicine and how if you go into medicine, you will have no life. Basically, you will waste away your 20s, and probably lose a lot of sleep. Is it really worth it? Is the struggle REALLY worth the time and effort? Is this a waste of a life?

And when all those thought comes to me... I felt really overwhelmed. But,then.. I realize, this isn't the first time I am faced with these type of question... I have faced these question when I was confronted with my sexuality issue.

And I realize that, sure, some path will be a lot harder than other. I will probably struggle a lot, and then there will probably be a lot of tears. But I want to walk this path because I find meaning in medicine.

My second year in college have made me realized that I do not want to live just to survive. I want to make something out of myself and I want to do some worthwhile so that when I die, I can say to myself and to the world that I did something. I feel that where we invest our time, we invest our lives.

And I feel that if I were given an opportunity to have a carreer in medicine, that would be a privilege of a lifetime. I have thought about it, and I feel that there is meaning in the work I do. All those late nights craming for exams and studying, I feel there is a reason. The work that I do will hopefully go into helping someone overcome a larger obstacles in their lives. And I do not want to give that up.

I know I am young and I am only in my early 20s, but I feel like this is something good. It's hard, but I believed it will be worth it.

Okay.. I did my emotional rant. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! lol

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  1. I don't think you are missing life at all. It may be hard, and it may be different, but whoever said it wouldn't be? No one. Hard and different don't mean BAD. It's just what it is -- different. And just like the path's are different, the people are different. So yes, you may lose some sleep, it may be hard at times, but when it's what you LOVE and what you feel drawn to, in the end all of it will be worth it. Let them go their way -- their way is their way and your way is yours. It will be hard, but it will be worth it because you did it YOUR way! ((hugs))



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